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Weekly Horoscopes July 13, 2020

Horoscopes for the Sun and Ascendant Signs Subscribe for Weekly Updates Available for private consultations and readings. Click here  to schedule or to view an updated list of services. Facebook: Twitter: Donations: Update: If you appreciate our content and would like to help support us during the pandemic, I am accepting donations via PayPal and welcoming new clients. This is my full time employment and in order to devote myself fully to our continued growth and expansion is only made possible through your support and that of the community I pledge to continue to serve. I am wishing everyone a comfortable and safe quarantine and to remain in good health during these difficult times.  All likes, shares, and referrals of my work are also greatly appreciated. Aries: Aries, we're in for a brief week astrologically with a majority of the planetary activity coming from the Moon transiting the signs

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