All reports are mechanically written and shipped via USPS with payment method via PayPal. To schedule a reading or consultation, please contact

**Now availble for Skype consultations - $40/30 minutes
Video conference for tarot, geomancy, or natal/synastry chart readings.

Tarot Casting - $25
The querent provides an open-ended question where it shall be received by the invoked holy guardian angel and the divination shall be channeled through the reader. Useful for open-ended questions. Up to three questions alloted - receive a private unlisted video interpretation of the reading.

Geomancy Casting - $25
Geomancy readings as performed under Golden Dawn system. Upon consulting the house rulers and planetary guides in question Earth angels are invoked to make divine their constellations and probabilities wherein a horoscope shall be casted. Useful for yes/no questions. Receive a private unlisted video interpretation of the reading.

Personal Planetary Progressions - $70
A review of the houses and where the planets shall occupy - for the next sixth months a review of what's to come, astrologically. Determines how the individual shall be affected by the current planetary conditions.

Chart Readings - $120
 - Natal: The map of self-imposed limitations, inherited karma, and soul's mission. Accurate birth time required.
 - Synastry: Submit the birth time for you and that of your partner to see planetary aspects and tensions between your charts. Implies overall relationship themes and dynamics.


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